What industries do you focus on?


I have investors interested in many different industries and do not have a predisposition to any in particular. 


Do you need to have money to get money from investors?


No.  If you have a business plan, including a pro-forma and financials, you can raise capital.


At what point should a business consider raising capital?


When your growth exceeds your grasp and you can't finance the growth yourself, it's time to look for capital.


How much of my business do I have to give up to get financing?


It depends.  There are many ways to structure the deal including equity, debt, convertibles and clawbacks.  You will negotiate your deal with the individual investor.


What are the low and high levels of financing you find?


I have deals looking for as little as $250K and as much as $1.5B. 


What values do investors look at when deciding to invest in a business?


Investors like deals that have well-defined markets, a Founder/CEO with an excellent command of their business, financials, and their competition, and one who can present their business well in front of a group of people.  Investors will also require a business plan, pro-forma and current financials or financial projections.



Michael Knight, CEO




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